Butcher Box is a company that wants to make sure the most important part of your barbecue is always as good as it can be. Starting at $129 a month, the subscription box service delivers a package of 7-10 pounds of beef, chicken, pork, and bacon on dry ice straight to your door. While it sounds like a heavy investment, the shipment will basically cover your need for meat for the entirety of the month, or for one huge barbecue you want to throw.

Like other subscription services, Butcher Box is not simply about shipping you a product because it’s more convenient than going out to shop for it — it is also a curation service. And while other clothing subscriptions try to match your size and style, Butcher Box’s curation is all about sending you high-quality, grass-fed beef. In fact, founder Mike Salguero says one of the goals the company was built upon was to make grass-fed beef more accessible to everyday people than ever before. Sign-up here: http://fbuy.me/hKeYk