Robb Wolf is a former research biochemist, health expert, and author of the New York Times bestselling The Paleo Solution. He has been a review editor for the Journal of Nutrition and Metabolism and Journal of Evolutionary Health; serves on the board of directors of Specialty Health medical clinic in Reno, Nevada and is a consultant for the Naval Special Warfare Resiliency program. Robb is also a former California State Powerlifting champion and holds the rank of blue belt in Brasilian Jiujitsu. But, enough about Robb Wolf. It seems to me that in writing Wired to Eat, Robb Wolf spent a great deal of time thinking hard about how to present his ideas in a way that will get traction with readers. It’s not so much a diet book but a book that takes a few steps back from the psychological and emotional gridlock involved in the subject and uses a language that is thoughtful, calm and with occasional bits of awfully brilliant humor, all the while presenting a smart case for how to think about food based on science and common sense.

Remarkably, it’s both fun to read and vitally incisive. Wolf takes us along a line of thinking on why we as a society need to earnestly let go of the morality trap that so many people who struggle being overweight get stuck in—that being overweight is a failure of human willpower and character. Wolf painstakingly shows, through the lens of evolutionary biology, how the modern food industry (with the disturbing blessings of government subsidies) takes advantage of it (e.g. by employing food scientists that are masters of dialing up the hyperpalatability of junk food).

As Wolf remarks in regard to the old potato chip marketing promise about how you can’t eat just one, “I’ll take that bet every time.