Ok… I get it. Who wants to talk about pooping?

I have had several of my peeps rave about the Squatty Potty particularly my sister Kins who swears by it and even has one she travels with. So I got one and I have to confess it makes for a really great movement.

The Squatty Potty helps you to eliminate faster and more complete by putting your body into a natural squatting position over your own toilet. Using the Squatty Potty during elimination will un-kink the process by taking your body from a continent mode to an elimination mode. This will speed up the elimination process therefore reducing the risk of toxic build up of fecal matter left in your colon.

Using the Squatty Potty for elimination will reduce straining and decreases the pressure. The reduction of straining will help to heal and prevent hemorrhoids. It will also reduce the risk of bowel herniation and other damage to the lower digestive tract. So, there you have it. Rush out and get one and see what all the hype is about.