Once received, I opened the pouch and first took a deep sniff. My god, it has an actual cocoa smell, not just the smell of dust like supermarket cocoas!

I was immediately optimistic, and set out to make a fairly basic chewy/fudgy cocoa brownie recipe, nothing special, no added ingredients like I usually throw in. Which I then promptly and thoroughly inhaled in less than 24 hours. HEAVENLY.

The flavor was so gentle but noticeably chocolatey that I never feel the need to make a brownie recipe requiring baking chocolate again. I’m in love. This stuff is GREAT. The price point is not too bad compared to other organic raw cocoas sold here so I think it’s a really nice starting point for the picky baker. I’m never going back to supermarket cocoa again. I use this for making my bulletproof mocha in the morning. Reach out and I’ll get you the recipe. It’s a super charger.