How To Have a Good Day by Caroline Webb

If I was only allowed to read one book before beginning my career, this is the book I would choose. It is unique in that it is based on behavioral research which is then coalesced into concrete advice and approaches that can be applied to real life situations, with impact.

Caroline Webb is an economist, management consultant and executive coach who has spent the last fifteen years showing her clients how to apply insights from behavioral science (neuroscience, psychology and behavioral economics) to boost their professional effectiveness and job satisfaction. After a first career at the Bank of England, she worked for 12 years at management consulting firm McKinsey & Company, where she was a partner in their leadership and organizational change practice. She then founded her own firm (Sevenshift) to provide behavioral science-based coaching to leaders. Her forthcoming book, ‘How To Have a Good Day’, translates that experience onto the page, showing readers how they can use behavioral science to transform the quality of their everyday working lives.